IDLE in 3.12.3 fonts too small

I would like to use Pythons native idle but the menu fonts are too small.
I note that this type of issue was raised in the past (2017 #75681 etc) and fixed.
I have a 4k monitor and use scaling to ‘see’ text at the appropriate size. However, I cant seem to do anything with the menu size in the idle. I have a
but I dont know if I could create another section that would allow me to change the menu font size?
Also, I cant see anything when searching the web any solutions to this issue.
This is what I get:

Is this a bug? or config?

It might also depend on your window manager, I think?

It is a tkinter issue. Please see tkinter - How to change the menu font size in IDLE? - Stack Overflow. Try the OPs solution on your linux system. (OP did not specify OS.) I only have Windows and macOS.

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Thanks Terry, I already tried this before I wrote this topic.
So its a bug!