IDLE not showing File menu

So I’m a first timer, but already I am sucked in. Love python and even bought a few books. I only have one question if someone could answer for me. It might sound dumb but here goes: I downloaded and started to begin coding when I noticed that I dont have the command screen ( file, edit, etc) about my python shell. Is there an upgrade to get this or something else to try? I have 3.8.1.

Thanx so much to anyone that can help! Jason

Hi Jason, and welcome!

Normally I try to discourage people from posting photos or screenshots
of their code, for various reasons, but it sounds like your question may
be best asked with a screen shot, so we can see your environment.

Let’s start with some basic questions first:

  • what OS are you using (Apple Mac, Windows, Linux, something else?)

  • where did you download Python from?

  • how did you start your Python shell? E.g. double-click on an icon,
    chose a command from the Start Menu, typed a command at a command
    prompt? What was the name of the icon, command etc?

My wild guess is that you are running the plain old vanilla Python
interpreter, and you are expecting some sort of advanced IDE which
includes an editor and all the bells and whistles.

The plain old Python you get from the downloads page should
include a simple IDE called Idle, but how you run it will depend on your
OS. You might also like to investigate the IDEs provided by third-
parties, such as Anaconda and others. Some of them are free, others need
to be paid for.

Or you can use a text editor and any other tools of your choice. Python
files are plain text files with a .py extension, so any editor, even
Notepad, can edit them. (Although I don’t recommend Notepad unless you
are desperate.)

Thanx so much for you reply. Im using windows 7 pro on an older Dell. For some reason, I opened up my computer and clicked on the IDLE prompt in the startup menu and there it was, just like my code book showed. So now I can try all the training as it shows. I downloaded 3.8.1 32 bit. from Not sure what happened while I was sleeping but I’ll take it lol. I now have File, edit, shell, options, windows, help at the top of the python shell window, where as last night I did not.