I'm not a web developer but I'm trying to make a bot using Chat GPT that will convert a normal video to 4k resolution. My library is called MoviePie Editor. If there is any web developer please tell me what should be changed here. Please provide a codi

import telebot

bot = telebot.TeleBot(“my_bot_token”)

from telegram.ext import Updater, CommandHandler
import moviepy.editor as mp

Function to handle the /start command

def start(update, context):
update.message.reply_text(‘Welcome to the 4K Video Converter Bot! Send me a video file.’)

Function to handle the video conversion

def convert_to_4k(update, context):
# Get the file from the message
file_id = update.message.video.file_id
new_file = context.bot.get_file(file_id)
file_path = new_file.download()

# Convert video to 4K
video_clip = mp.VideoFileClip(file_path)
converted_clip = video_clip.resize((3840, 2160))  # 4K resolution
output_file_path = 'converted_video.mp4'

# Send the converted video back to the user
context.bot.send_video(chat_id=update.effective_chat.id, video=open(output_file_path, 'rb'))

Main function to start the bot

def main():
updater = Updater(bot, use_context=True)
dp = updater.dispatcher

# Add command handlers
dp.add_handler(CommandHandler("start", start))
dp.add_handler(CommandHandler("convertto4k", convert_to_4k))

# Start the bot

if name == ‘main’: