Immoscrapy gives no results


I have been trying to use immoscrapy. It is supposed to scrape Immoscout24dotde for data. Unfortunately, it is not giving me any results. Is there an error on my side or is immoscrapy not working any longer? If I made an error, how can I fix it?

It gives out the following:

C:\Users\asdf>immoscrapy buy-apartment --country de --region berlin --price 100000-800000 --numberofrooms 5-
2022-10-08 15:17:57,112 INFO immoscrapy.immoscrapy Using URL: wwwdotimmobilienscout24dotde/Suche/de/berlin/wohnung-kaufen?sorting=2&price=100000-800000&numberofrooms=5-
2022-10-08 15:17:57,115 DEBUG urllib3.connectionpool Starting new HTTPS connection (1): wwwdotimmobilienscout24dotde:443
2022-10-08 15:17:57,518 DEBUG urllib3.connectionpool wwwdotimmobilienscout24dotde:443 “POST /Suche/de/berlin/wohnung-kaufen?sorting=2&price=100000-800000&numberofrooms=5- HTTP/1.1” 204 0
2022-10-08 15:17:57,521 WARNING immoscrapy.immoscrapy Search returned 0 results.
No results.

I have added “dots” and removed https because I can only use two links per post.

For most 3rd party packages, a package specific forum or tend to get more answers.