import all files with one function

can I somehow import all files from one directory at once with one function?

Hello, @FunSkelet. I don’t think that will be useful to do that. But if you want, this code may help you about it:

def importer(path):
    import sys,os,importlib
    importedFiles = {}
    sys.path.append(path)#appends the specific path to the system path for a while.
    files = os.listdir(path)
    for file in files:
        if file.endswith(".py"):
        	file = file[:-3]
    return importedFiles


modulesInPath = importer(specificPath)

To make your module -which exists in a specific path- importable, you can just use the line below and after that; you can directly import it.

sys.path.append(somePath)#adds a new path to system path -not permanently

I hope this respond will help you.
I am sorry if there is something wrong about my code.