In built tutorial for Python beginners

Hello everyone
I am a beginner in Python language
As I began learning Python using numerous free tutorials
I stumbled upon an idea where I thought about making an interactive tutorial which teaches the newbie to code and interact with the Python IDLE ( and it is also made from Python)
I made a very rudimentary form of it for my exam and plan on improvising it

Please do comment

Welcome Shrustiga!

Can you elaborate a little more on your idea? Are you envisioning the tutorial is built into IDLE itself?

It is more convenient than browsing the internet for tutorials. Having an in-built tutorial which requires no internet connection and is interactive sounds more appeasing and user-friendly. I made one myself for my school project which was quite basic with not much difficulty. It covered the basic terminologies and concepts which are required for one to understand Python.
thanks for replying!

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FWIW, Python installers from offer to install documentation on-disk by default, which includes a copy of the tutorial page. It may be unavailable if you install Python elsewhere (e.g. with pyenv or from system package managers), but that is out of core developers’ control and should be suggested to those tools instead.