IncompleteRead error : What are we waiting for to add requests?

Requests is a mature library, Python urllib is not even able to handle file downloads correctly because it will throw IncompleteRead error, I really don’t understand. Also, keep in mind that its creator already authorized Python to do it.

I would be interested in knowing the reason or why not add requests.

This bug is more than ten years old: How to handle IncompleteRead: in python - Stack Overflow

The idea that every useful library must be added to the stdlib is even older :wink:

There are discussions on this topic that are nearly that old. It’s not as simple a question as you might think.

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Well, do you have a solution for the error “IncompleteRead”?

Does pip install requests not work?

I understand, but I have to modify the entire code. Plus I have to import additional libraries. There is no way to continue the download?

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If requests were added to the standard library, it would not change either of those things.

requests is a pure-Python project, so we can be sure it is possible. (Okay, perhaps not: maybe that relies on one of its dependencies, which might have its own C code to do it - that takes a lot of work to check.) If you want to know how requests does it, the source code is there. Being more specific than that would require a fair bit of research or analysis - I don’t know if anyone else will want to attempt it for you.

Do you have a reference for this? I thought the maintainer of requests does not want requests to be part of the python stdlib.