Installation of libraries

How to excute the following command in python 3.12.4
pip install prompt-engine-py
pip install openai
pip install transformers.

Somebody please asap as I have just started



To ensure that you’re using the correct pip version, you can do

python3.12 -m pip install openai ...

You have to type this into a shell, which depends on your platform. On windows you can run cmd or PowerShell

On Linux open whichever terminal you normally use.

Maybe look at

Thanks for the reply. How to resolve pip is not defined error in Windows cmd prompt

Ensure Python and Pip are Installed. Open a command prompt and check if Python is installed by typing:
python --version

If Python is installed, it should display the version number. If not, download and install Python from

Now, pip should be installed automatically with Python. To check if pip is installed, type:
pip --version

If pip is not installed, you can manually install it by downloading from and running the following command:

The link provided the following page as attavhed. How to run the command “python” from this. I tried my best but I failed. Please help

On Windows, it’s recommended that you use the Python Launcher py:

py -m pip install something
  1. Did you install Python yet?
  2. Which OS are you using? Name and version please.
  3. After installing Python is your path correct to run the Python binaries?