Installation of XLWINGS

I’m writing this seek help. I want to learn to write SQL queries in Excel. I came to know that XLWINGS is needed to do the above said. I installed Python on my computer & was unable to add-in XLWINGS. Pls share the guide/ flowchart to install XLWINGS in excel sheet. Waiting for your reply.

What steps did you take in order to try to do this?

What happened when you tried those steps, and how is that different from what you expected?

This does not make any sense. “excel sheet” is not a place where things can be “installed”. You install xlwings (note, all lowercase) into your Python environment; and you read the documentation on the xlwings website in order to understand how.

After you have installed xlwings, there is more installation you can do to add a plugin to Excel (the program, not any particular spreadsheet).