Installer stuck on

every time i try to install python doesnt matter what version it gets stuck while installing

@steve.dower Any idea why installer might stick on installing doc? (3.10.11)

Virus scanner is typically the cause. Disable anything that’s doing real-time scanning while installing.

The log files under %TEMP% will make it more clear, but I’m pretty sure 3.10 is only installing a single .chm file here, so most likely it’s a virus scanner trying/failing to scan for JavaScript issues.

i disabled my virus scanner and still the same, but it gets stuck on doc only when doc is unticked

now it gets stuck on Core Interpreter

If you look in your %TEMP% directory you’ll find a set of log files. Can you either post them here or create a bug at GitHub - python/cpython: The Python programming language and upload them there and tag me (@zooba)?

pythonlog - thats it if im not mistaken

That’s the main one, you should have a second log named Python 3.11.3 (64-bit)_20230601004151_000_core_AllUsers.log that is for the specific part that got stuck. It likely has more information.

Right now it looks like your system is probably in a stuck state wrt installers. I’ve seen this before when a Windows Update goes bad or the installer database has become corrupt. You could try opening “Troubleshoot Settings” (name might vary based on Windows version) and running the Windows Update one to see if that helps. Or possibly rebooting may be enough, if you haven’t done it in a while.

i did the troubleshoot and ran the windows update and it works now thank you

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