Installing Python IN 32 bit Window 8.1 Operating System

Can anybody tell me ?

Which version of python does support 32bit window 8.1 which also install Python shell and pip ?

Python 3.11 supports Windows 8.1: 3.11.4 installer (32-bit x86). The plan is for 3.11 to receive bug fixes up to version 3.11.9, which is scheduled to be released on 2024-04-01. That will be the last official build available that supports Windows 8.1. Since Microsoft’s extended support for Windows 8.1 ended on 2023-01-10, Python 3.12 will not support Windows 8.1.

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Which version of pip support Python-2.7?

Plese guide me I need Python-2.7.

The 2.7 branch reached end of life over 3 years ago. The last official build is 2.7.18, released on 2020-04-20: 2.7.18 installer (32-bit x86). The installer has an option to install pip. IIRC, pip versions prior to 21.0 are supported. That said, unless there’s absolutely no alternative, you should be using Python 3.11, or no older than Python 3.8.


I installed Python 3.11.4 installer (32-bit x86).

But, Pip have not installed.

Can you tell me? How to install it?

Why I am gettting this?

Scipy includes non python code that it needs to compile. Pip is attempting to build it from the source code but your version of the C compiler GCC is too old.

Most likely you want a version of scipy that has already been compiled and these are not available for 32 bit Python 3.11.

It looks like the latest scipy binaries you can get with pip for windows 32 bit are for python 3.9 and scipy version 1.9.1. Anything newer on 32 bit windows will probably get you the same error.

Send me downloading link

Here are unofficial builds of NumPy 1.22 and SciPy 1.8.1 for the 32-bit x86 build of Python 3.11. Note that Christoph Gohlke ceased releasing these unofficial wheels as of June 2022. Apparently Laboratory for Fluorescence Dynamics withdrew the funding that supported the project, but at least it still hosts the archive.

Alternatively, as mentioned by David above, you can switch to using Python 3.9, which has prebuilt wheels for SciPy 1.9.1 (released on 2022-08-26). Here’s the link for the Python 3.9.13 installer (32-bit x86).