Interactive fiction game with graphics?

Hi everyone! I’m relatively new to Python or, more accurately, trying to relearn it after years away. Many years ago I started writing a choose your own adventure story with a Star Wars theme, rather like the old KOTOR games. I recently bought myself a Raspberry Pi and thought it would be neat to start coding the story up into interactive fiction. Problem is, I’d like to use my photoshop skills to add graphics that can pop up, preferably with the story text on top. Or, at the very least I’d like to make the story text appear in a separate window so it at least looks a bit prettier. Only I have no idea how to do this.

I’ve played with pygame a bit but don’t have a very good grasp on it. Is there any other way to display saved png files and or cast print statements into a new window?


If your goal is to write interactive fiction/visual novels, check out Ren’Py and its quickstart tutorial. Ren’Py is written in Python and customizable in Python, but most things in it are defined in a non-Python language better suited to writing interactive stories.

If your goal is to learn Python through making 2D games, stick to Pygame and get a better grasp on it.
There are a few other frameworks/libraries, but the concepts are very similar in all of them.