Introduction: YoungChief

I have several things I do in my free time including but not limited to programming, ethical hacking, sysops, music production, DJ-ing, gaming, XR, chess, cryptocurrency, finance, business, law, etc.

I code websites, apps, and even games all the time. I’ve built things in many programming projects, and have collaborated with others for several. I know all sorts of skills and programming languages, having learned them from an early age. Ask me to code anything from a website to using a micro:bit to interact with ChatGPT using TTS and its built-in speaker and microphone! I can adapt to any task and find the ideal solution. For websites, I prefer vanilla or Preact with TypeScript, SCSS, and others depending on the project. I manage all sorts of servers to ensure their uptime reliability and reachability.

I’ve DJ-ed at several events, small and large. I’ve also made songs and remixes. My music taste varies from EDM to Hip Hop/Pop, and others. I still haven’t found a crowd that genuinely likes my taste. It would be fun to reach festival-level gigs someday.

I play all sorts of video games as well as make them, flatscreen and XR. Minecraft, Rocket League, Call of Duty, Fortnite, Rec Room, Terraria, you name it! I have experience with Unity, Unreal Engine, godot, A-Frame, and others! I, unfortunately, don’t have many friends who are XR enthusiasts like me!

I <3 Chess, like a lot. I play with my friends all the time. I’m currently working on a school chess tournament. I’ve been working on the frontend and backend code for it to handle recording and streaming of the games among other things. Currently, no specified date for it to start but I hope to keep it going annually as a tradition and to pay respects to this classic game with infinite mystery.

Moving on, I also have a fondness for cryptocurrency and the greater economic market in general. I own cryptocurrency and believe it’s the next pioneer in payments and value exchange. I believe in it enough to offer it as a donation method on my website. I believe its reputation has been ruined by NFT pump-and-dump scams that make the general public view on cryptocurrency a sour taste in their mouth.

I’ve always been a big fan of business, law, and politics. No one has ever understood why, but something fascinates me about politics. I have my own businesses for some of my bigger projects under one big parent company. I like donating to projects, especially if it’s open source or it benefits the public good.

Feel free to reach out to me and converse about anything!