Invalid Syntax while try to know if Is valid contain Yes in json

Below is my code

  if final["NetworkName"]:

   if final["IsValid" == "Yes"]:
    print(f'{gr}{final["PhoneNumber"]}{res}{yl} => {cy}{final["NetworkName"]}{res}')
    save = open(f'Result/{final["NetworkName"]}.txt', "a+")
    save.write(str(i) + "\n")
    else: print(f'{yl}{final["PhoneNumber"]}{res}{yl} => {cy}{final["NetworkName"]}{res}')
    print(f'{red}{final["PhoneNumber"]} => Die{res}')
    dk = open("Result/die.txt", "a+")
    dk.write(str(i) + "\n")


if final["IsValid"] == "Yes":

or could use,

str.__eq__(final["IsValid"], "Yes")

or could use map

list(map(str.__eq__, [final["IsValid"]], ["Yes"]))

or starmap

from itertools import starmap
list(starmap(str.__eq__, [(final["IsValid"], "Yes")]))

I think match-case should also work,

match final["IsValid"]:
    case "Yes":

Okay let me try it out

Well, I’m still getting syntax error, I’m new to python though, what i notice is that, i can’t use if else maybe i was wrong with my code

The if and the else: must have the same number spaces indent.
Your code does not,

Number space, you mean the both should be inline like straight from


No, indentation marks blocks of code in Python. Statements in the same block must start at the same indentation level. Some statements (like if) must be followed by a new block of code (i.e. with higher indentation).[1] In addition the first line of code must not be indented.

if condition:
    if condition2:
else:  # else branch of the first if statement
pass  # continuation of the top-level block of code

You should look into some tutorials. For example:

  1. If they are not followed by just a single command on the same line. ↩︎