Is account recovery still possible using

First of all I don’t know wether this is the correct place to ask this, so please forgive me if this is considered off topic here. But I don’t know where else to go.

By looking at the issues labeled account-recovery on GitHub - pypa/pypi-support: Issue tracker for support requests related to using it seems like up to februari/march this year most account recovery issues were still getting handled, but it seems that after that the only issues that are getting closed are ones that are being closed by their reporter since they managed to solve the issue themselves.

So I was wondering if this is still on the radar of people who have the necessary administrative rights to do so?

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Yes, it’s is still possible, but this intentionally a very manual process due to the sensitive nature of an account recovery, and we have a backlog. We have a few bottlenecks, and I’ve outlined some of the things we can do to make this easier for PSF staff and PyPI volunteer moderators to perform: Implement admin tools for account recovery · Issue #11787 · pypi/warehouse · GitHub

Thanks. Maybe that’s worth adding as a fundable packaging improvements? Especially since Shamika put out a call and a number of the other improvements seem like they moving forward (moving distutils into setuptools, adding PEP 621 support to setuptools revamping the PyPI repo and upload API including preview releases, TUF integration, and some other security things.

FWIW I’m fairly sure none of this work is funded, some of the TUF stuff was at one point but I don’t think anyone is currently being paid to work on it.

That said, feel free to make a PR to add this to if you think it’s a good idea. I’m skeptical that this is work that could find a funder, but I wouldn’t be opposed to listing it as an option.

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Yeah, sorry, my impression was at least most of that work was taken up by volunteers (I wish someone was paying me to do PEP 639 :laughing: ) but I wasn’t sure about all of it, so I didn’t mention that part.

I was thinking something along the lines of the various corporate-funded projects that have been backlogged to get bigger file size caps or take care of other things, but I suppose its not the most compelling, heh—I just know how much load you all have been under. In any case, I’ll defer to your much better informed judgement.