Is it possible to detect the thread an event loop is running in?

I recall having a conversation about get_event_loop() within the last few months, and I believe the consensus was that it was still far too widely used to remove it any time remotely soon. I’d suggest that if we decide to deprecate it in Python 3.9, it’s removed far more than two versions later to give users more time to adjust. Especially when you consider that prior to the addition of get_running_loop() in 3.7, get_event_loop() was necessary in many (if not most) asyncio programs.

I’m in favor of an eventual removal though largely because the behavior of get_event_loop() is not especially clear without looking through the implementation details. IMO, from an API design perspective, it seems to fit too much purpose into a single function. I much prefer the clear separation of new_event_loop() and get_running_loop().