Is it possible to go back to setuptools and as a frontend?

Depressingly @indygreg experience mirrors mine. It’s also not Pythonesque, Python is all about have one and only one method of doing something. Alternative build tools are fine, but should be third party. Maybe it would be better if toml was abandoned and setup fixed instead. Particularly since resourcing has been repeatedly raised as an issue.

Oh yeah. Years of work have been put into making Python build systems actually reliable, there are now varied build backends for compiling extensions, which have allowed people to dramatically improve their build systems over distutils/setuptools, but let’s throw away all that, ask people to go back by 7 years, and re-switch everything to setuptools and non-isolated builds that fail if you don’t happen to have the right setuptools version already installed.

No, seriously :slight_smile: When discussing the downsides of something, it is too easy to forget about its merits.


It’s not a merit if people can’t use it. Also I said happy for 3rd party. Python’s popularity is because it is simple to use, the toml packaging is far from simple (note 80 long discussion with no one saying oh that’s easy just do this).

Please, keep the perspective. I am the first to have objections to the current situation, but “can’t use it” is too much.