Is it use python 2.7 version safe for security and other things. if not how much risk there

My project had developed using python 2.7 version , so is it safe to use/download python 2.7? , my project needs use python 2.7 version for maintain and enhancements.

please help me on same

Karthik A

No, in general this is not safe. Python 2 has not been supported for more than two years already.

There could be an exception: If you have a supplier of your Python providing you with security patches. Maybe some Linux distributions still do that?

Linux Mint 19.3 Tricia is one example. Mind, it could be that it’s the way that P2.7 is being implemented and integrated with the distro that makes it ‘secure’ (definition is subjective). So I can’t say that anything that a user writes in P2.7 is going to be as ‘secure’ as the OS itself.

I’ll also go on to say that a user could implement an insecure app using P3: it’s the app itself that needs to be written in a ‘secure’ way.