Is the developer role needed for me to make my first PR?

Hello, I’ve been looking at adding some new functionality to Python Lib and have already made working code for it locally, all seems ok.

The next step was I wanted to create a PR for my new fucntionality but understand I first need to raise an enhancement ticket in right?

But how do I make sure I am the one who can pick up that ticket and submit the corresponding PR? Do I need to get the developer role first? Or can I just create the issue, submit the PR and then take all feedback onboard and tweak both (if required)?

I was hoping it would be the latter :slight_smile:

You don’t need Developer role to create a PR, or even to create the issue. You do need to sign the CLA though.

You can go ahead and create the ticket, describing your feature enhancement, and then you can create the PR. Also, normally we don’t “assign” tickets to anyone, so no need to ask to be assigned an issue. You can post a comment saying that you will work on it.

Read more of our workflow in the Devguide:


Excellent, thanks!

So I have submitted my first PR now here: bpo-42861: Add `next_network` function to ipaddress library by KillerKode · Pull Request #24180 · python/cpython · GitHub

All seems good, but I have a couple questions:

  1. What’s next? I noticed some PR’s don’t get any attention and become stale. How do I make sure my PR gets attention / reviewed?
  2. I updated the documentation in my PR but not sure how I can view it, is there a guide somewhere on how I can view the rendered documentation in my local modified branch?

The process is described here: 7. Documenting Python — Python Developer's Guide

If I may suggest, would you consider using a different username for either GitHub/Discourse, something that does not include words with violent meanings like “killer”. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Great thanks.

Sorry about the username, it’s a lazy conversion from my gamer tag KillerKlient.

Sure, I have no problem changing it, how do I go about doing that? I do have another GitHub account, do you want me to close the PR and raise it with my other account? Not sure how I can change the username is Discourse, it doesn’t seem to give me the option in my user preferences.

Thank you so much for considering my suggestion.

GitHub has a detailed info on changing username if that’s what you want. Changing your GitHub username - GitHub Docs
Whichever account/username you end up using, you will need to update your username in to associate it with the right GitHub user.

As for changing the Discourse username, I’m not sure either. Perhaps one of the admins here can help. You can try asking in the “Discourse Feedback” category.


Thanks, that’s done. GH updated, waiting to find out about the discourse though.