Is there a way to optionally _exclude_ dependencies?

Hi all,

setuptools provides, as is often used, a way to specify optional dependencies with extras_require. Is there a way to do the opposite? That is, to have

pip install mypackage

install a full set of dependencies, but to have something like

pip install mypackage[core]

only install a limited set of core dependencies? It doesn’t have to be like extras_require, just some way to specify in the pip install that only core dependencies are required. (For some packages, breaking backwards compatibility in terms of installation is not on the table, especially when most users want all of the dependencies, but having an option for some users to avoid dependencies that are not required and possibly broken on their systems is important.)

Thanks for your help!

This has been discussed quite extensively before. The thread that you should check out is Adding a default extra_require environment


Thanks @pf_moore !