Is there Python book on procedural programming? If not, how can you learn it?

I’m somewhat a newb. I read an article about python’s capabilities and one thing in particular struck me as interesting. It’s called procedural programming. Is there a python book on that? If not, where can I learn it. I tried looking through the python documentation but I couldn’t find anything about procedural programming and I looked for books on it, but found no python books on procedural programming. What I want is to dabble with it, then decide if I like the approach or not.

I don’t know if there’s a book on this that’s Python specific, but I can share this link that explains the concept.

Procedural programming is the style that Python tends to favor, in conjunction with object-oriented programming. While functional programming is also possible, it is less convenient and less common in Python, and in particular almost never taught in tutorials for beginners. Therefore, you are already using the procedural style without realizing it.