Is there webhooks for discourse?


Can I set up webhook in Discourse?

(Pablo Galindo Salgado) #2

Yeah! :smile:

You can take a look at the general functionality here:

Tell me if you need me to help you to get API tokens/ set up webhooks URLs or anything else and I can help with :slight_smile:


Perhaps since I’m not an admin I can’t setup any webhooks :slight_smile:
I don’t see the “API” tab.

Can you create a webhook to this URL please?

(Pablo Galindo Salgado) #4

Done! I have created the webhook and I have configured it to send everything (all possible events)
from all categories and groups in a Json format. Tell me if you want less events/categories/groups :slight_smile:

Also, I used no secret (the same concept of “secret” as in the GitHub webhooks) for now so is easier to play with it. I assume that in the future the correct thing is to configure a secret as well :thinking:


Thanks! I saw several posts. You can remove the “ping” event if possible.

For now this works for me. Thanks again!