Is this a bug in mypy?

It looks like mypy doesn’t know how to type narrow part of a tuple?

from typing import Union

items: list[tuple[int, Union[str, int]]] = []

# error: List comprehension has incompatible type List[Tuple[int, Union[str, int]]]; expected List[Tuple[int, int]]
int_items: list[tuple[int, int]] = [pair for pair in items if isinstance(pair[1], int)]

# OK
int_items_2: list[tuple[int, int]] = [(a, b) for a, b in items if isinstance(b, int)]

Just FYI, this would be better asked on a MyPy forum. To answer your question, no, I don’t believe so, though in addition to your workaround, you could use a [user-defined type guard(Type narrowing — Mypy 0.920+dev.01e6aba30c787c664ac88d849b45f7d303316951.dirty documentation). If you believe this should be implemented, you can open a mpypy issue, though there are already related open issues and unless you’re willing to contribute a PR, it seems unlikely to be a near-term priority. Cheers!

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The closest I could find to a ‘mypy forum’ was their Gitter, but virtually all questions get lost in the noise.

That issue does indeed look like what I am facing and I’ll consider posting on it.

Anyway, thanks for the reply.

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Ah, gotcha. Their issue tracker might be your best bet, then, if you’re sure it isn’t covered by the existing ones I linked. Best of luck!