Is this forum exclusively about asyncio or is it about async programming in general?

I worked in the telephony field for many years and had significant exposure to SDL (ppl might also know it as rational rose or message sequence charts). I recently released a python library (ansar-connect) that implements this model of operation. Network messaging is built in. Wondering what level of interest there may be in the python community. Perhaps there is a better place to post?

Discussion of asynchronous programming with async/await, mainly using the asyncio standard library.

If your library implements async (and uses the async/await keywords), I think this is totally the right forum. If not, you might try Python Help, which is a bit of a catchall category, despite its name.

Thanks - will do. It was the “mainly using” that seemed to leave the question open.

Worst case scenario, one of the forums mods moves it to a better spot. As a fellow user with zero authority, I say post about your project!

Like the all-guns-blazing, but took your advice and posted this;