Issue Configure option --with-cxx-main=/usr/bin/clang++ not working #93744

I believe this was closed inappropriately. Can it be reopened?

Why do you require people interested in your message to search for the information? Why do not you post the link?

You should also add some explanation why do you think “this was closed inappropriately”.


I can reproduce the problem and have reopened the issue.

Your tone seems a bit harsh to me. We value a welcoming and friendly communication style. The ticket contains sufficient information and a simple reproducer. There was no need to provide more information.

I am sorry if my message sounded harsh. It certainly was not meant unfriendly. I will try to phrase similar messages differently next time.

Maybe in workflows of some people the issue number alone is OK but other people are not even sure if it is a CPython issue number. URL is probably the most accessible way to point to an issue.