Issue with Panda Datareader and Tiingo

Hello to all!

I am an entry level in python and I would like your help and solution on below error:

Because it is for a master thesis please for your urgent help!

Thank you in advance.

The version of pandas-datareader you have installed is not compatible with the version of pandas you have installed. You should upgrade the former.

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Dear Cornelius Krup,

Thank you a lot for your reply.

Python Version is 3.11.7, Pandas 2.1.4 and Pandas Datareader 0.10. In the below example datareader is working. Do you have any other idea?

What I am saying is still correct, pandas datareader just doesn’t have an up-to-date release on pypi for some reason. If you install the latest pandas-datareader from github, pip install git+, it should work. The project doesn’t appear to be really all that well maintained.

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You are absolutely right and perfect!! Thank you a lot for your help.

Please in order to take know how, how did you know that it was a problem with the version?? I searched a lot and I did not find any relevant.

Excellent mind process… at this point and in this field (my experience field is economics and I am new entry in Data Analytics and A.I. / programming due to my master) is very hard to combine all parts.

Thank you a lot!