Join the Python Developers Survey 2021: Share and learn about the community

We are conducting the fifth iteration of the official Python Developers Survey :tada:

We encourage you to contribute to our community’s knowledge. The survey should only take you about 10-15 minutes to complete.

Click on this link to participate in the survey: Python Developers Survey 2021.

This year we have added questions that will help the CPython Developer-in-Residence and the Python Packaging Project Manager prioritize their work based on community feedback.


@Deb @ewa.jodlowska The survey results appear to be be out on JetBrains and the PSF’s blog, but I haven’t seen anything posted here and the first I heard about it was today, from a colleague. I would just post something myself, but I didn’t want to misrepresent myself as having any official connection to the survey or upstage the PSF, if you had a post planned. Are you planning to post about it here?

Also, just FYI, the raw data from the survey results appear to be malformed; there’s a mystery extra integer appended as an extra value with no matching header to each row of the data, causing e.g. pandas.read_csv() to read it in with all the columns silently misaligned by one and with a lot of malformed bytes in the column names, which took me a while to realize why the data was not what I expected. To fix this, either an extra header name should be added for this value (which could be done easily manually in any text editor), or the value should be removed from each row (which could be done with a find/replace regex or a re-export). Thanks!