Jsonify from def returning empty in python

I have def function, which return a query result as array and return jsonify, but it is returning empty

The def is

def newsearchresults():
        name = request.args.get('query')
        customers = {}
        customers = Customer.query.filter(Customer.name.like('%'+str(name)+'%')).all()
        return jsonify(customers)

the HTML form is this, which calls the jquery functions

<form action="/newsearchresults" >
  <Text  text="Customer Name" id="text0"/>
  <Input width="200px"  name="custName"  required  placeholder="Please enter the customer name"/>
  <button  type="submit">Search Customer</button>

and the jquery script on Html file is

$( document ).ready(function() {
$('form').on('submit', function()
             name =$("input[name='custName']").val()
             $.get("/newsearchresults", {'query': name}).done(function (data)


I want to populate the jsonify response result to this table below in the same html file

<table border="1" >
            <tr><td><strong>Customer Id</strong></td><td><strong>Name</strong></td><td><strong>E Mail</strong></td> <td><strong>Mobile No</strong></td></tr>
             {% for name1 in customers %}
             <td><a class="customername" href="#" data-name="{{ name1.name }}">{{name1.id}}</a></td><td>{{name1.name}}</td><td>{{name1.email}}</td><td>{{name1.mobileno}}</td></tr>

             {% endfor %}