Julien Palard joins the Python Release Team as Documentation Expert

On behalf of the Python Release Cabal, I’m pleased to announce that Julien Palard has agreed to take on the role of Documentation Expert for CPython releases. As you probably know, Georg Brandl had been the docs expert for many years. Among his many enormously important accomplishments were developing the now widely-used Sphinx documentation generator and overseeing the migration of the Python documentation set to using Sphinx. More recently, Georg has had to cut back drastically on his Python development time and he would like to pass the role on.

Julien is uniquely qualified to take on that challenge. Over the past few years, he has been spearheading the overall documentation translation project (PEP 545) starting with his French team, joined by the Japanese and Korean teams, with more translations to come. He helped design and implement the changes to the documentation build system to support those multiple languages and for some time now he has been the go-to person for the design and maintenance of our on-line documentation system working with the PSF infrastructure team. As documentation expert, Julien will be a part of the release team overseeing the production of the Python doc set for releases and for the website and will be available to offer guidance on doc-related issues and enhancements. Please continue to open and comment on doc issues in the usual places, like bugs.python.org.

We are sad to see Georg go but are happy that he is keeping himself busy with new opportunities. And we’re very happy that Julien will be around to build on the great work he has already been doing for Python’s documentation and releases.

–Ned, on behalf of the Release Managers


Congrats to Julien, and thanks to Georg for his many years of service. Thanks Ned for setting this up.


Thank you to Julien and Georg.

Georg, thank you for all you do for documentation and its tools. Sphinx has a huge impact on many open source projects. Enjoy your current projects too :smile:

Julien :clap:

Congrats to @julien and thanks to Georg for his presence over the years.

Thanks everybody, I’m glad to join the team :slight_smile:!

And thanks Georg for building such a clean and enjoyable state of the things :heart:


Welcome on board, @julien