Jupyter-specific python PATH it would appear

Yesterday, needed to make a jupyter notebook for the first time in a long time - but found that jupyter wasn’t working in my (old) 3.8 installation. It had an old path for python.exe which may have had to do with my moving python from one disk to another.

Couldn’t figure out how to change this directly (which is my question). Instead what I did was as follows. First, installed the latest, 3.11.5. However, that didn’t create a Scripts directory (known Windows problem apparently). Created it by hand. The installer still wouldn’t populate pip.exe (or anything else) into Scripts. All that then worked was to rerun the installer a second and third time, first turning off pip, then turning it back on.

So finally I was able to get pip and do a pip install jupyter which did, finally, populate the ju* files into Scripts and I was able to run jupyter.

Where might the correct path for python for jupyter be stored (note that python itself ran fine all the time)? I checked Windows PATH and so on and didn’t find anything.

How exactly did you install Jupyter the first time with 3.8? And how did you come up with the diagnosis “it had an old path for python.exe”? How did you try to use the older Jupyter installation, and what happened when you tried that?

When you used the Windows installer for 3.11, exactly what options did you choose/set for installation?

And what do you mean by “first turning off pip, then turning it back on.”? Pip isn’t something that is running all the time normally, so there isn’t anything to turn off or on.

Diagnosis: I’m sorry I didn’t save the error message but that’s what it told me when I ran

jupyter notebook

It gave me a long path underneath c:\users\MyId … which I recognized and which is where, I believe, Window’s python installs itself by default. Didn’t recognize exactly what the problem was at first - but then quickly enough.

As for turning pip on and off, here (which may also answer your ques #2):