KIVY 2.1.0 Newly released

I’m glad to inform everyone that the Kivy team has successfully released the latest version of Kivy, 2.1.0.

For those that don’t know, Kivy is a cross platform application development framework for python. You can use it to write apps for all the major operating systems right now, both mobile and desktop. Kivy is such a powerful tool and I’ve used it personally for many projects. It’s more mature and more powerful that flutter. It’s just sad that the python community does not use it nor support it like it should.

So this is a call for support. Let’s support the use of Python tools and grow the Kivy community. There’s quite an impressive amount of tutorials on YouTube currently about Kivy and KivyMD. And other than that, the kivy documentation itself is highly comprehensive, with instructions ranging from beginner to advanced use cases.

Try out the shinny new kivy now, and I’m sure you’ll love it’s ease and simplicity. KivyMD 1.0.0 is also in the pipeline and it’s bringing so many interesting stuff on the shelf. For more detail, check out this link.