Lack of underscores in std lib

So, it would seem there’s an unspoken rule about methods that would, strictly, have underscores in them but don’t. There’s nothing in PEP8 about this.



I’m guessing the thought process is that it’s okay as long as the name is still understandable. But, what’s wrong with log_norm_variate or remove_prefix? Is saving those one or two extra characters really worth it?

It’d be nice if the core maintainers could chime in what they consider acceptable for dropping the underscore (not that I mean to bikeshed).

Not a core dev, but I’d attribute this to 3 things:

  • older names tend to have fewer underscores
  • if the rest of the module doesn’t have underscores, underscores in new
    names are jarring
  • not everything needs an underscore (it’s more of a guideline)

str.removeprefix is actually pretty new, but the other string methods do
not use underscores and nobody wanted an underscored name duringn the
PEP discussion as I recall.

It is in PEP 8: see points 2 and 3 of PEP 8 - A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds