Leading whitespaces on Sphinx build output

Sorry for nit-picky, but does anyone know why there are whitespaces before copying downloadable files... when building the Docs? As an experiment, I built Sphinx’s own documentation and didn’t see the same output:

When running make html:

mkdir -p build
Building NEWS from Misc/NEWS.d with blurb
/home/rffontenelle/Projects/cpython/Doc/build/NEWS is already up to date
PATH=./venv/bin:$PATH sphinx-build -b html -d build/doctrees -j auto   -W . build/html 
Running Sphinx v7.3.7
loading pickled environment... done
building [mo]: targets for 0 po files that are out of date
writing output... 
building [html]: targets for 469 source files that are out of date
updating environment: 0 added, 1 changed, 0 removed
reading sources... [100%] license
looking for now-outdated files... none found
pickling environment... done
checking consistency... done
preparing documents... done
                  copying downloadable files... [100%] includes/tzinfo_examples.py
copying static files... done
copying extra files... done
writing output... [100%] tutorial/introduction .. whatsnew/index
generating indices... genindex py-modindex done
writing additional pages... download index search opensearch done
copying images... [100%] using/win_install_freethreaded.png
dumping search index in English (code: en)... done
dumping object inventory... done
Writing glossary.json
build succeeded.

I think it may be connected with a progress_message() context manager call before the status_iterator() for downloadable files. copying assets... has 18 characters, exactly as the length of the gap before „copying downloadable files”.


I reported it to sphinx.


I see your contribution was merged. Thanks!