Limit Reques for package on pypi doesn't recieve any comments from maintainers

We have opened an issue on pypa/pypi-support for increasing the size limit of our package graphscope on pypi:, but it haven’t received any comments from maintianers from pypi for two weeks.

We currently workaround the issue by splitting the package into several pieces, which is quite annoying for our developers.

I’m wondering besides the pypa/pypi-support issues, is there any other channels that we can reach out to the pypi support team to review our request?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

You might notice that there’s a bit of a backlog on that issue tracker. Everyone who responds on that repository is a volunteer, and there’s limited availability amongst them.

Hi Pradyun @pradyunsg ,

Thanks for replying! We have cc-ed you on github issue last week as well!

I’m wondering if you have bandwidth to help us when available? Thanks!