List doc download page on initial doc page

Issue #104395 requests, for instance, that each doc download page be listed on the corresponding master doc page. Good idea?

The OP suggested a link in the Meta Information section with text such as ‘Download Documentation’ or ‘Get Documentation’. Any other ideas?

PS: I have no idea how to do this as I could not find a .rst file for the master page. I suspect it is built by code (and ditto for download.html). The devguide say nothing about changing this page that I could find.

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How else would one find the docs download page? Where is it linked?

Then again, who downloads docs?

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It’s a custom Jinja template: cpython/indexcontent.html at main · python/cpython · GitHub

The challenge I believe would be telling the master page which versions we have – the same problem faced by the version selector. I defer to @julien on practicality / potential usefulness.


There’s a link in the left hand index bar.

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Guido – to your point, the download links are (at the very least) at the top-left of the left-hand sidebar on the index page – I admit I’ve never thought about these before, though!

For reference, link to the actual issue mentioned:

Download is in fact already the very first top-level section in the sidebar of the docs index page linked above that you suggest adding it to. (EDIT: I see others posting at the same time also pointed this out, so eliding the screenshot).

That said, it isn’t as visible on mobile (like the user is on, which is presumably why they missed it) without opening the hamburger menu, or if the sidebar is collapsed, and not as prominent as in the main page text. There is an empty spot in the 3 row x 2 column grid under Meta information where the link could be added like the others, which seems like a good fit and which should be quite doable, so we could perhaps add it there.

It should be pretty easy to add to the index page since its a custom template, so perhaps we could suggest the user submit a PR to that effect?

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I do. I keep a local copy of the Python docs on my desktop - instant
direct access. Far far faster that my internet, which often seems soggy.

I do this for a few other doc sets as well.

Cameron Simpson

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Okay, we should do this.

There is a PR on the issue with 2 + reviews.