List splicing to show elements separately

I have a list that I want to slice and print each element separately:

HEARTS   = chr(9829)
SPADES   = chr(9824)
DIAMONDS = chr(9830)```
CLUBS    = chr(9827)
card = [('4', '♣')]

I want to print each element separately as follows:

print("current rank is {}".format(card[0])
print("current suit is {}".format(card[1])

I would like to be able to refer to each element singularly as needed but
I’m confused on how to do this correctly.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated,
thank you.

It’s a little unclear what you want: perhaps f-strings will provide the answer?

print(f"current card is the {card[0]} of {card[1]}")


current card is the 4 of ♣

that was the answer I was looking for.
Thank you very much.


I don’t understand why you are confused, or why you believe there is a problem.

What happened when you tried just writing the code the way you “want to”?

How is that different from what you want to happen?