Looking for a simple script to turn on/off DMX512 devices with FT232R USB dongle

I have a DMX512 decoder with LEDs at address 1. It is connected to the PC running Ubuntu 22.04.2 via FT232R USB/RS485 dongle. It works fine with QLC+ app. I would like to control it from a Python script, but after trying PyDMXControl, pyenttec, pysimpledmx and DmxPy, still no success. The port seems to get initialized, but the controller doesn’t change its state. I would appreciate an example using these or any other DMX library, which can turn on/off DMX512 devices with FT232R USB dongle.

I posted more specific versions of this question at:

I successfully used PyDMX and PyDMX-Drivers-FTDI (GitHub - JMAlego/PyDMX: Python module for sending DMX512 data.) with FT232R USB/RS485 cable.