Looking for libraries helpful for analyzing the game of bridge

I am new to Python and interested in writing some programs related to the game of bridge. I asked ChatGPT for libraries that could be useful for analyzing the game of bridge. It suggested a number of libraries such as “pydds”, which is supposed to be a pure Python implementation of the Double Dummy Solver algorithm. There seems to be a conflict with another library of the same name that has nothing to do with bridge. Can anyone help me find what potential libraries might be of interest to me? I assume I would use the pip install command. I am afraid to install “pydds”, if it isn’t the right library for me.

Another library ChatGPT mentioned was PyBridge but I can’t seem to find any documentation.

ChatGPT, by definition, has no idea what it’s talking about. You’ll need to do your own research; you can’t rely on something that primarily exists to talk glibly.

A quick search here should help.