Loop, dictionarym, count and continue


How am i gonna solve the problem i have atm?

I have a dictionary with a key: names, the value to each name are how many cars each name have.

Now i wanna build a loop where i can loop through each value ( each car ) and get the user to input which color each car has and “save” that to each name. ( The end result should be something like:
Erik, you have 4 cars. Your 1 car is red, 2 (second) blue, etc etc…
So i kinda have to make a list with each color within the dictionary for each person.

Im able to solve this with 1 person. But when i get the user to input 2 names, i get stuck because i use a counter to count throguh each value of person 1, but since the counter reach the value of person 1 it loops to next person but doesnt ask the user to input the colors of the second persons cars since the counter has not reset.
I need to kinda reset the counter when the first person is completed and loop to next person somehow.

Or maybe there is a more effective way to make a “counter”.

It’s difficult to understand what you mean without any code.

Anyway, instead of keeping a count of how many cars each person has, how about keeping a list of their colours? The length of the list will tell you how many cars that person has. If you don’t know the colour, then you could use None instead.

For example, Erik’s cars are ['red', 'blue'] if he has 2 cars and you know their colours, or [None, None] if he has 2 cars and you don’t know their colours.