Mac OS can't grade pip

First of all,thanks for reading my question.

base information:
computer Systerm :MAC OS
Python version:python 3.7.0

goal:grade pip,so I can install matplotlib package.

What I have done:

  1. I have used :pip3 install -upgrade pip
    systerm told me :no such option -u
  2. I have used :easy_install --upgrade pip
    systerm told me :can’t create or remove files in install directory
    I’m a student ,I want learn Python for data,If you know how to slove this problem ,say something please.

Side note: It’s generally best to copy and paste full error messages. There may be important details in the error message that you don’t notice, and copy&paste makes it harder to make mistakes.

You’re missing a -. It’s pip3 install --upgrade pip with --, not -.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to use pip3 install --user --upgrade pip (and pip3 install --user name_of_package whenever you install a new package). The --user flag makes pip install packages just for you (in your home directory) instead of for the whole system.

Hope this helps, and have fun learning Python!