Macos with python 3.7.17 _bz2 not found?

With python 3.7.17 on macos only we see the below error? This does not happen on macos with python 3.7.16.

import bz2
../../../hostedtoolcache/Python/3.7.17/x64/lib/python3.7/ in <module>
    from _bz2 import BZ2Compressor, BZ2Decompressor
E   ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_bz2'

This raises the question, is the End-of-Life date for 3.7 inclusive? Are you getting in under the wire or a day late? :wink:

It’s close enough; the important point here is that 3.7.17 is either the last, or the second-last, security release for that branch (depending on whether the Release Manager chooses to cut .18 release or not).

Where did you obtain 3.7.16, and where did you obtain 3.7.17? Were they from the same place? Did you build them from source, or are you using someone else’s pre-built binaries? Is all of this happening on the same computer?