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Hope this is the right place to ask about this (i couldnt find another discuss category that would be a better fit). i would like to bring up the situation of planet python: the github repo Commits · python/planet · GitHub has not seen a commit since March 2022, and there are some easy PR/issues that could be addressed (the most annoying one being Remove ItsMyCode for spamming · Issue #521 · python/planet · GitHub).

I’m a core developer, and i wouldnt mind taking over maintenance of that repo: how to i “apply”? :slight_smile:



Moved this to PSF, but I’m not sure if they’re the ones to talk about website maintenance with either.

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Would like to offer the same. Project seems to experience major struggle…

No reply at official Python project bugtrackers for 7 days, no reply in the official forums for asking how to help with the - obviously - struggling PSF-Project for more than 24 hours … does Python have any volunteer-issues? Again: How to help?

I have no idea who has write access to this repository. Does Github provide any way of finding out?

I don’t believe there’s a maintenance issue at hand. It just sometimes takes a few days for people to notice PRs and it’s vacation time at the moment :slight_smile:

In any case, I had a look and found that I could merge the PR, so I did. I don’t seem to be getting notifications for PRs on that repo, though. I fixed that, so there’s an additional set of eyes to watch for changes now.


No worries and many thanks. My main question was as someone who isn’t a maintainer, how do I find out who is a maintainer? I went onto the project page because I wasn’t sure if I might be (as a member of the Python organisation) and the only way I appeared to be able to find out was the fact that I wasn’t able to merge the PR.

(To be clear, I’m not asking to be made a maintainer :slight_smile:)

That is a good question indeed. I tried to find out who else has merge rights to the repo and couldn’t. There’s no “Settings” tab to click on for me.

One way to find out who has rights in a repo is to go to the PRs tab and see who has recently merged to the repo.

Admins can check at Settings > Access > Collaborators (this is 404 if you don’t have access).

Yeah, I’ve used that before. But as a non-admin, I can’t do that. Maybe it’s deliberate so that the average user can’t find the maintainers and ping them directly, but have to go through the tracker? But that seems a bit of a stretch, TBH…


Actually, for a few years now I have had the rights to merge the work of the community and lately, I have been in charge of the PRs. Unfortunately, between work, family, sports, and the community, I’ve been neglecting the Python community in favor of work. Although I did check once in a while if there were any PRs to check.

Yesterday, @malemburg sent me a private message to let me know there was a problem and so, today I started to manage the PRs/issues that were open.

Please accept my sincere apologies.


I have write access to planetpython repo, but I haven’t been actively watching the repo.
If @malemburg and @matrixise are not available, and I can be their backup if needed.

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