Make check is passing for Doc but cpython sphinx lint is failing

I need some help, I am not able to figure out why sphinx lint is failing
I have raised a PR in Cpython for a bug fix and I need to update the doc
here is the PR gh-107625: configparser: Raise ParsingError if a key contains empty value · python/cpython@ff8f339 · GitHub

Added a comment on the PR.


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Should I raise a PR to update the developer guide to use the pre-commit hook?

Looking at Getting Started I think it’s fine as it is: make check will deal with installing and running the tool to do the linting.

You may install the pre-commit hook to run for every commit if you like (I have!), but it’s not the official recommendation as some people don’t like it, and the linting can be run without installing the hook.

(And the original problem on this PR was make html failing, not make check.)