Make succeeding non-default init-parameters keyword-only in dataclasses instead of raising

Currently in “dataclasses”, if non-defaulted fields are defined after defaulted-fields (usually subclasses adding required fields) that are initialised via argument (ie init=True), a TypeError is raised.

We can support the idiom of subclassing dataclasses with required fields by forcing all arguments after defaulted arguments to be keyword-only in the __init__ definition.

This is almost completely backwards-compatible: the only code that will break is any code relying on a TypeError to be raised when non-defaulted fields are defined upon data-class construction, which is very unlikely as class declaration tends to not be try-catched. However, the PEP states explicitly that a TypeError will be raised, so this will need to be changed and noted:

TypeError will be raised if a field without a default value follows a field with a default value. This is true either when this occurs in a single class, or as a result of class inheritance.

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