Matplotlib doesn't show y-axis values


I’m trying to get BTC prices in a graph but it won’t display the values on the y-axis. It has 440 BTC prices stored. Here is the code:

r = list(range(0,440))
f = pl
plt.title(‘1st subplot’)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Why is it even possible to plot 400 y values over 440 x-values?

You are not showing the content of ‘pl’. What is it?

It’s 440 values that were stored, I wrote it down wrongly. pl is the list with BTC prices.

What the numbers stand for is not relevant for programming. Though it is kind of odd that real world prices are sequential numbers, except for two outliers?

Give e.g the first 5 list items of pl, plus the maximum and minimum entry in pl.

No the graph is displaying it wrong. The numbers are all between 50k and 52k, the BTC prices during the that time. How is this possible ?