Matplotlib- python isuues

No matter what matplotlib is not working on my PC !!!

“is not working” could cover at least a dozen different things. No-one will be able to assist you unless you provide (much more) detail and description of exactly what your system/setup is like, what steps you took to install things, how you tried to use matplotlib, and what exactly went wrong (an error? what error message?)

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I have been a Python user for 3 years now and recently pyplot was required so I imported matplotlib using pip in my Windows 10 and now it shows “ImportError: DLL load failed while importing _cext: The specified module could not be found”

To say anything specific about this, it’s usually necessary to have answers to the following questions. If you ever write a bug report on sth, you’d also include info about this:

  • What Python version(s) do you have?
  • Which Python virtual environment manager are you using?
  • Which versions of plotly and matplotlib did you install? Did you always use pip or did you also conda or other installers?
  • Which Python code triggered the import error and what was the Python stack trace?

Btw - your issue seems to be a known issue - Did you try out or investigate any of the suggested solutions, for instance the one on StackOverflow?

See also for possible solutions: ImportError: DLL load failed with Matplotlib 3.3.1 on Windows · Issue #18292 · matplotlib/matplotlib · GitHub
See in particular this however: [MNT]: PyInstaller does not include DLL for _cext import · Issue #26745 · matplotlib/matplotlib · GitHub

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