Max thickness of shapely polygon with holes

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I’m creating polygons with holes with shapely library and I’m interesting to determine the max thikness of polygon. It is possible?

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It is possible. But first you have to be in the clear what you want. E.g. how would you define “thickness” for the following polygons?

Thank you for you answer. Of course you are right. My first reasoning are not clear because is not easy in which direction make the measurement. Maybe I would find other possibile solution. My initial interesting was to determine if the “ring” is so small to be deleted in my geometry project. Maybe I can use the relative area between external polygon and the sum of internal polygons.

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Just saw your query today, so you can ignore comments about resolved issues.

In your graphic, the blue line does not look to me to be the largest thickness. That line could have one end at the apex of the convex region at the upper right of the outer boundary. So care is needed in your approach.

Your reply to the first responder suggests you are interested in pruning small objects from your dataset,
based on area calculations. Try the PyGEOS package. It seems to have more complete coverage of GEOS, including a polygon area function.