Maximum post length?

It seems that many people have been posting the entirety of their PEP documents in the PEPs section, which I also did with PEP 615, but it turns out that there is a maximum post length of 32,000 characters, which means I’ve had to cut arbitrary sections of the PEP rather than keep them updated for easy quotability.

Is there any way to configure the limit to be something higher, like 64,000? Or possibly remove the limit entirely in the PEPs section (maybe only for people with a certain number of posts, if the worry is that people will base64-encode pirated movies or something and use discourse posts as a way to distribute them or something)?

I’m already over the limit there as it is, and if I go into any more detail in the spec I may have to drop the whole idea of keeping it updated in both places.


Done! I upped it to 64,000 for the entire instance.


Thanks Brett!