Meet the PyCon US Organizing Team

Join PyData Pittsburgh for an open online meeting with the team behind PyCon US 2024, which will be held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania! We’ll hear directly from the PyCon organizers about all of the different ways members of the Python community can get involved and help make PyCon in Pittsburgh a success.

We look forward to welcoming:

  • Mariatta Wijaya and Elaine Wong, Conference Co-Chairs for PyCon US 2024
  • Deb Nicholson, Executive Director at the Python Software Foundation
  • Olivia Sauls, Program Director at the Python Software Foundation
  • Philippe Gagnon, PyCon US Program Committee Chair

Please RSVP on Meetup to attend!


Thanks for posting and organizing this!

As an update, in addition to the above organizers, we will also be joined by:

Denny Perez: PyCon Charlas co-chair
Elaine Wong: PyCon US Co-chair (and Chair for the 2025-2026 editions) and PyCon Hatchery committee
Naomi Ceder: PyCon Hatchery Committee

Looking forward to meet everyone there!