Missing #users category

In the categories listing it can be seen

Core Development
Discussions relating to the development of Python
 (usage of Python should be discussed in the #users
 category, new ideas for Python to #ideas).

but no #users category is visible?

Edited: Aha. When posting without pre formating #users is rendered as Python Help.

Maybe then something can be done in the caption of Core Development so it reads Python help?

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Users got renamed to Python Help last year to clarify the category’s use, but internally Discourse still calls it users, including in the # links.

See this post, and the broader discussion in that thread: Reconsider the "Users" category? - #94 by brettcannon

Thanks for the info.

For the record, now the caption shows the help category

I guess that the pinned post was written and rendered at a time when Discourse didn’t yet use the current formatting for category names.

I see that @brettcannon added a space on About the Core Development category to retrigger rendering and it worked. Thanks!